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Do you know what the bitcoin exchange does

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Do you know what the bitcoin exchange does? More and more people have heard of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Some people enter the market and quickly become investors, while others do not know where bitcoin is bought or sold. Bitcoin exchange is a place to help us participate in the purchase and sale of various virtual currencies and obtain digital assets. Although there are thousands of exchanges around the world to choose from, not every one is trustworthy. Recently, the removal of users from many platforms is an obvious example. Therefore, when we participate in investment transactions, we try to choose large head platforms, such as OuyiOKEx。

If you want to invest in bitcoin or other digital coins, you must first have these things. There are two ways to obtain bitcoin: one is through "mining", and the other is through trading, that is, buying others' money. Of course, due to the existence of a large number of professional mines, it is almost impossible for you to mine by yourself. Therefore, trading can be said to be the only way to obtain bitcoin. In this way, whether you acquire digital assets in the early stage or conduct various market behaviors of trading in the later stage, you need to complete them through the exchange. Therefore, it is very important to choose a safe and reliable trading platform. At present, OuyiOKExThis platform is quite popular, and it is also an old-fashioned professional exchange. The industry reputation has always been among the best.

After selecting the platform, you can set up your own account. Registration is very convenient. You can use your mobile phone number and common e-mail. As it involves the security of financial assets, the website needs to be authenticated and enable Google dual authentication, which can ensure the security of your account funds. After registration and authentication, you can buy, sell and other operations, and then you can start digital currency investment to open your digital life. Since most of the current platforms implement transactions in the form of currency currency transactions, this is used here to explain in detail.

Before carrying out currency currency transactions, it is necessary to transfer funds first, and transfer the digital assets in the fund account, such asUSDT、BTCTransfer to trading account. Open OuyiOKEx APP, click asset - fund transfer, and select a currency in【USDT】As an example — From [fund account] - To [trading account] - Enter transfer qty - OK.


In dog moneyDOGEBuy as an example: openAPP, enter the [transaction] page — Click the currency pair box in the upper left corner【BTC/USDT】; Click to switch the transaction mode on the new page - [currency] -【USDT】Trading area — Search【DOGE】Or click the drop-down button directly【DOGE/USDT】。—

Select [buy] - [limit order] - Enter price and quantity - click buyDOGE】- [OK].


The above is the specific operation of buying coins on the bitcoin exchange. In addition, choosing a safe platform does not necessarily mean that you can realize revenue. Since the value of all virtual currencies is determined by the market, I would like to inform you that there are certain risks in digital asset trading. Please invest cautiously within the range that you can afford.

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